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We live by the motto:

If you cannot divide you’ll never be able to multiply!

So if you give us 100% we’ll give you 100% back. Together we will have 200%.

Try to stopping us now….

Your input

Our input


Visual           –           Just imagine….We’ll make it possible.
Business video’s, music videos, product reviews and after-movies are all part of our day to day business. We specialize in:
  • After-movies
  • Music Videos
  • Short teasers
  • Product Videos
  • Business Videos

Challenge us..

Together with you we’ll find out what you want and what you need (Yes, there is a difference sometimes). We’ll make a plan that perfectly suits your needs. We never run out of ideas so don’t worry and tell us your biggest wishes, we love a creative challenge.

Your wish


Your needs


Our ideas


Your succes

Music                –                Let the music play!
This is the thing we started this whole company with. Making good music and getting it to the people. With over 15 years of experience in performing we know how this business works. Having talent and making music is one thing but just not enough these days. Becoming a brand and creating a following is equally important. We specialize in a couple of thing:
  • Marketing
  • Publishing – Legal
  • Singer – Songwriters
  • Managing artists
  • Developing new talent
  • Music (ghost) production

"Lekker hoor"

− Numero uno

"Altijd snel en effectief"

− Numero dos

"Doet wat het beloofd!"

− Numero tres
L7 Official

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5017 JE Tilburg

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Call us: 020-8954321

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